DC Motor GW370 12V 50RPM 370 Metal Reversible High Torque Turbo Worm Geared


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The motor is Gear DC motor with micro-turbine worm, you can change the wiring-connection to change motor rotation.

1. Turbo worm geared motor with self-lock, that is, in the case of motor without electric, the output axis is fixed, self-lock.
2. The reducer output shaft arranged vertically with the motor shaft, whole motor output shaft relatively-short than general gear motor, widely used to be installed the dimensions requirements strictly occasion.


Material: 370 Metal
Size: 80x32x40mm
Input voltage: 12V
No-load speed: 50rpm / 200rpm / 260rpm (Optional)
Application: open the window, door, Mini winch. ect


When you use a motor, can not have bound items, such as adhesives do not flow into the rotary shaft through bearings, and obstruction of the operation of the motor.
The axis of rotation of the motor's life may have the opposite effect, in order to prolong life, please check whether your load goods according to regulations, can not overload or prejudice the rotation shaft hanging items.
Manufactured heavy eccentric load of radiation, harmful life of the motor.
Do not store than four weeks high or extreme humidity, but also do not place in the etching gas, the motor will reduce the effect.
Do not run the motor in the surrounding temperature and moisture.

Package Includes:

1 x Motor