DC5V AD8317 Module RF Power Meter Logarithmic Detector Power Controller Signal Amplifier Fm HF VHF


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1. Supply voltage: 5V DC (typical current 20mA)
2. The input signal dynamic range: -55 dBm to 0dBm
3, module supports change detection slope and power measurements ,the controller .two kinds work types.
4. Bandwidth: 1MHz to 10GHz
5, shielded with a metal housing
6, the input impedance: 50 ohms
Product application:
Analog Device Inc Adi (D I A) released before the radio frequency (F R) log detector and controller D A 8317. The device can accurately measure the F R signal power of all cellular standards and a variety of wireless infrastructure, as well as the frequency range of broadband wireless applications in 10G ~ H Z 1MHz. In addition, the device provides fast output response, can be more effective to complete the F R burst detection, which is packaged as m 3ra x m 2ra. AD8317 demodulating logarithmic amplifier provides precise R f measurement and dynamic state the scope of the measurement accuracy of better than + – 1 dB at the greater than 50dB. Output end with adjusting a power amplifier and a variable gain amplifier with power controller function. The wide operating frequency range of H Z 1M to H Z 10G supports all of the Cellular standard (S M C, D M A W, D D M A C T S C D M A G), broadband wireless standard (802.16, IM A X W, IB R O W) and private systems operating in various frequency bands. AD8317 in a 40 ~ C ~ + 85 C temperature range to provide better precision, temperature stability, and has a fast 5ns output response, which can achieve more than 12 Z R F 5MH burst detection. The device is in the range of 3V ~ 5V power supply voltage, Shielding case and anti reverse connection protection diode.
Package included:
1 x DC5V AD8317 Module