DIY 7 Tubes AM AM Wave Radio Kit Students Soldering Practice Set Electronic Production Kit


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Note: Easy to install, not supply instructions, please solder the corresponding position according to the packing list.


T6 for the input transformer. There is a convex mark for the primary, please do not reverse the installation.
Transistor for the 9014, 9018, 9013. The configuration is similar so please pay attention when installing.
The working current at all levels of the schematic diagram is the reference value, and the assembly can be determined according to the actual situation, with no distortion, no squealing, and loud voice as standard. The static working current of the whole machine is about 11mA.
Before commissioning, check carefully whether there is false soldering and false soldering. check if there is a short circuit. After confirmation, it can be adjusted.


Type: RW08-7B
Size: 124 x 76 x 27mm
Working voltage: 3V

Package list: