DIY/Assembled GM328 Transistor Tester Diode Capacitance LCR Generator With Case Kit


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DIY Unassembled Kit User Manual:

Assembled Kit User Manual: Tester-user-manual.pdf


Asssembled Item Size: 98x76x39mm


-The use of SCM ATMEAG328P DIP-28. With IC Block
-The display unit using a 160×128 pixel color display, full-screen characters 8×20, 16-bit color depth, graphic display element symbols
Rotary switch control, a key measurement, automatic shutdown
-Use 9V laminated battery, can also use the power adapter(DC 6.8-12V), the whole current of about 30mA, after about 20nA shutdown current
-Automatically detects NPN and PNP transistors, FET, diodes, dual diode, thyristor, SCR, automatic identification of the transistor pinout
-Test NPN and PNP transistor common-emitter current amplification factor, the base – emitter threshold voltage, off the collector – emitter leakage current
Pole through the transistor base – emitter threshold voltage and high current gain recognition Darlington transistor
Detecting power transistor and FET protection diodes built
-Test FET gate – source threshold voltage is turned on, the drain – source on-resistance, the gate – source capacitance
A maximum of two measuring resistors, so three feet adjustable resistor can be measured, if adjustable resistor is transferred to the end, can only be a measured resistance value
-Resistance measurement maximum resolution 0.01Ohm. Can be measured up to 50MOhm
-Capacitor measuring range from 25pF-100mF, Resolution 1pF
-Larger than 90nF capacitor while measuring its equivalent series resistance (ESR), the equivalent series resistance of the highest resolution of 0.01Ohm
-Larger than 5000pF capacitor also showed the rate of decline after the charging voltage of the capacitor value can reflect the quality factor (Q value)
-Measuring a maximum of two diodes show its positive and negative, on-state voltage
-LEDs also display a graphic symbol diode, the conduction voltage is much higher than ordinary diode
-Reverse breakdown voltage is lower than 4.5V Zener diode can detect it, appears as double diode symbol. Its positive and negative voltage to turn around 700mV diode symbol prevail, a second diode symbol corresponding to the voltage is turned on regulation. So do not be an ordinary diode and a Zener diode were measured simultaneously
-Test a single diode, while its test reverse junction between the PN junction capacitance between the PN junction capacitance of the transistor to be tested, then only at the same time into the transistor base and the emitter, base and collector or
Of less than 25pF capacitor to be tested, the test need to prepare a 30pF capacitor, 30pF capacitor to test, test and then measured again after the capacitor connected in parallel, by subtracting the measured value 30pF capacitors with the results obtained
-For the following 2100Ohm resistor while measuring its inductance measuring range from 0.01mH – 20H
-About two seconds during the test, large capacitors and inductors will take longer
-Additional features include a frequency measurement, voltage measurement, square wave generator, PWM generator, color selection, commissioning calibration, continuous testing, and other functions
-Frequency range from 1Hz to 1MHz or higher, measured at frequencies below 25kHz, can display period resolution to 0.001mHz
-DC voltage measurement up to 50V
-All the way to the square wave signal output, multi-range frequencies to choose from, the maximum output frequency of 2MHz
-Output one fixed frequency, variable duty cycle pulse signal (PWM), the duty cycle is adjustable from 1% -99%
-Separate capacitive function test, the test mode for the continuous measurement of 2uF-50mF capacitors can be measured directly in their circuit (circuit where the measured capacitance required power, after the measured capacitance required to be fully discharged)
-Thyristors and thyristor can only recognize its pinout, and also need to test the thyristor or SCR trigger current is less than the current test instrument can provide, the tester can only provide a maximum trigger current 6mA


1. Switch off
2. Transistor test
3. Frequency test
4. f-Generator
5. 10-bit PWM
6. C+ESR@TP1:3
7. continuous measurement resistance
8. 1-||-3 continuous measurement capacitance
9. Rotary encoder
10. SelfTest
11. Voltage test
12. FrontColor
13. BackColor adjust
14. Show date

Package included:

1 x GM328 Transistor Tester with Case Kit (Assembled Kit or DIY Unassembled Kit For your choice.)