DIY Aurora RGB Full Color LED Glass Wind Chimes Hanging Lamp Kit


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This kit using 10 10mm full color LED design, plus 10 high-transparent glass bottles to make.
LED through the high-transparent glass bottle can reflect a similar halo effect, very nice,
and built-in 14 kinds of display effects, 10 LED row of suspension Up, coupled with the use of ultra-thin pull-resistant wire,
hanging like "suspended in the air." Designed to hang up because it looks more like a work of art,
good-looking works of art will be used as ornaments, so hanging in the bedroom, it looks very praise.
Hanging up looks like a wind chime, the wind will make the led sway up, very interesting,
and the led rate of change can be based on changes in ambient light.
Manual is sharing here!

① 14 kinds of new Aurora gradient mode
② with the luminosity change, automatically adjust the speed of change
③ 10 full-color suspension glass bottle refraction highlight effect
④ all-in-line component design, easy to do, beginners can complete
⑤ boot automatically switch mode
⑥ aerial suspension design

Package included:

1 x DIY Aurora RGB Full Color LED Glass Wind Chimes Hanging Lamp Kit