DIY Aviation Band Receiver Kit High Sensitivity Airwave Receiver Classic Version


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DIY Aviation Band Receiver Kit High Sensitivity Airwave Receiver Classic Version

Dedicated to receive calls between aircraft and tower.

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If, like many scanner enthusiasts and ham operators, you are interested in listening in on all the excitement manifest in aeronautical communication, but lack the equipment to pursue your interest, then maybe the Aviation-Band Receiver described in this article is for you. The Aviation Receiver, designed to tune the 118-135 MHz band, features exceptional sensitivity, image rejection, signal-to-noise ratio, and stability. The receiver is ideally suited to listening in on ground and air communication associated with commercial airlines and general aviation.
Powered from a 9-volt alkaline battery, it can be taken along with your to local airports so that you won't miss a moment frequency 10.7-MHz higher than the incoming 118-135 MHz signals. A tuning network , consisting of varactor diode D1 and potentiometer R1, allows the local-oscillator frequency to be tuned across about 15MHz.


The kit uses bandpass filters, high-level radioactive 3355, NE602 mixer, MC1350 program in place, you can receive AM signals 118-136MHz's.
The PCB trace inductance direct printing, which greatly simplifies the difficulty of assembly.
3AGC circuit board to ensure listening comfort, while avoiding the long squelch noise.
12V power supply, PCB board size is 9.2 x 7.5cm

Tip: Due to the VHF band has similar propagation of light travels in straight lines —- receiving location accessible from the airport, but the distance (more than 25Km) is sure to install VHF Yagi antenna contour segment gain antenna; receiving site between the airport there are large obstacles (including, but not limited to, buildings,mountains, towers) are sure to bypass obstacles, thank you!


Tunes entire 118 -136 MHz Aviation band.
Easy tuning using one IF coil and one tuning coil (L6).
Operates on regular 9 volt alkaline battery.
Range 130 miles max (approximate) depending on type of antenna and location.
Receive control tower, aircraft-to-aircraft, maintenance, ground, ATIS, etc.
Squelch, and plenty of volume control.

Package included:

1 x DIY Aviation Band Receiver Kit