DIY Big Size Touch Control 225 Segment LED Digital Equalizer Music Spectrum Sound Waves Kit


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With the big size LED music spectrum design, it can show the excellent effect of the sound waves,
simple design and easy connect, it's suitable for the electronic basics enthusiast.
it can change the different display modes and the sensitivity adjustment.
it can use with the mobile phone, computer, MP3, MP4 and other music player device.
Manual:Click here!


1. 5V USB power supply and 3.5mm audio signal input.
2. 8cm x 20cm big size spectrum sound waves display screen.
3. 225 segment LED bring you the amazing music spectrum sound waves beating effect.
4. One touch key control the different display modes and the sensitive,it has five kinds of
display modes and 4 levels sensitivity adjustment.
5. With many acrylic to enclose the front and the back.
6. Easy connect the USB and the audio cable that can use in the different player devices.
7. Double audio channel input to collect the sounds wave that makes the effect more accurate.
8. Three-color optional, you can choose White, Blue and the Colorfil(Red-Green-Blue) version.
9. Automatic gain by the different music player devices. 


1. Easy connect three port of the USB cable and the audio signal input,
it can shows the effect when you play the music.
2. Short touch the key it can change the sound waves display mode,
long touch the key enter the sensitivity adjustment and you can change
the sensitive by short touch the key, and then long touch the key again back to the display mode.

Package included:

1 x DIY Big Size Touch Control 225 Segment LED Digital Equalizer Music Spectrum Sound Waves Kit