DIY Creative Game Console Kits 51 SCM Training Kits Support 5 Kinds Of Games


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Model: CZL-YXJ01
Power supply: 5V-100mA
Interface: charging treasure, power adapter, computer USB, battery, box power supply
Control method: large size button control
Shell size: 100*80mm (length*width)
PCB material: golden military grade FR4
1. The MCU adopts the latest version of the STC15 series. The MCU installation is also safe
2. Tetris and Snake support game pause
3. Has the highest score and supports power-down memory
4. Music switch supports power-off memory
5. Support 5 Kinds of games with puller games
6. Clear welding instructions and warnings on the PCB
7. Grasp the core source code, the game is stable and reliable
8. Supports external power cable, also supports battery box
Package included:
1 X DIY creative game console kits