DIY Electronic Clock Kit SCM Digital LED Clock Set With Acrylic Shell ATMega328 DIP IC CR22032



The heart of the kit is the much venerated ATMega328 using a 32kHz clock-source to keep time. To check the time, just press the button on the side of the clock and it pops up on a 4-digit 7-segment LED display. the ATMega is running at super low power and should get an estimated 2 years of run time on a single CR2032 button cell.

The DIY clock is a through-hole kit with a low parts-count, so it makes a great project for beginning solderers. After you’ve finished soldering together the PCB, simply stack the acrylic pieces around it and screw them together with the included screws. Once that’s done, pop in the coin-cell battery and go show off your nerd bling!


Product weight about 50g
DIY welding kit
Estimated 2-year battery life
Laser-cut acrylic shell
Large, easy-to-read display

Package included:

1 x Pre-programmed ATMega328 DIP IC
1 x 4-digit 7-segment display
1 x 32kHz crystal
1 x 0.1uF capacitor
1 x Button
1 x 20mm button cell holder
1 x 20mm button cell
4 x M2*18 screw
4 x M2 nut