DIY FM AM Radio CXA1691 Students Soldering Practice Set Electronic Production Kit



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Note: Easy to install, not supply instructions, please solder the corresponding position according to the packing list.
CXA1691 integrated module, FM / AM two band, is very portable.
This circuit uses CXA1691 integrated module as the radio core, comes with amplifier, clear sound, quiet processing, high sensitivity, stable quality, good selectivity, power consumption, power indicator, with ear plug output seat.
With 3W 8Ω large magnet speaker, loud sound. Suitable for beginner, intermediate electronic enthusiasts.
AM amplitude modulation part:
Frequency range: 535-1605KHz;
IF frequency: 465KHz
Sensitivity: ≤ 3mV / m (26dB S / N)
FM part:
Frequency range: 64-108MHz
IF frequency: 10.7MHz
Sensitivity: ≤ 30μV / m
Working voltage: 3V (2 AA batteries)
Quiescent current: no signal ≤ 20mA
Output power: ≥180mw (10% distortion)
Overall dimensions: 124 × 76 × 27mm
Package includes:
1 x DIY FM AM Radio Kit