DIY KAKU Robot R2 Lite Version Kit Compatible Arduino


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DIY KAKU Robot R2 Lite Version Kit Compatible Arduino


KAKU education Robot platform is a geared to the needs of all ages Robot enthusiasts for the realization of make a belongs to own a Robot development education Robot platform, mini cute appearance design, grasp every lover's heart experience, using WhiteBoard Micro Robot controller(Compatible with the arduino), can match any sensors, electronic blocks to realize the card cool Robot N more new style, study the principle of Robot control, computer programming, electronic design and so on, the most interesting and learning.


1. Double 180° digital servo and Gear motor drive robot movement
2. High quality 3 D printing Omniball
3. Woodiness material, environmental and non-toxic harmless;
4. Compatible with a variety of controller platform (Arduino, STM8 etc.)
5. Support Ardublock, Scratch, S4A graphical programming way
6. Standard electronic blocks, sensor mounting holes
7. Online strong technical support


Intelligent radar walls
Smart black line tracking
Bluetooth control
Darkness for light
Gas detection alarm
Sound and light interaction
More functions in your imagination

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Package included:

1 x KAKU R2 board accessories package
1 x KAKU R2 hardware kit
2 x 9g 360 degree reduction motors
1 x Ultrasonic sensors (HC – SRO4)
4 x Single P 21cm jumper line
1 x Nano Robot controller
1 x Micro USB cable (100cm length)
1 x 6 x AAA battery cases without cover
1 x Phillips screwdriver
1 x IR remote sensor (remote control)
1 x Electronic module hardware package
1 x 3-pin sensor cable