DIY LM317 Adjustable DC AC Regulated Power Supply Module Dual Supply Regulator Kit Unassembled


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Power input: AC 220V-230V
Output: Two sets of independent AC 18V output/two sets of independent adjustable DC power supply output (1.25V-25V) (support AC DC output at the same time) or output 1 set of positive and negative adjustable DC voltage regulator dual power supply (set by short-circuit point)
Transformers: Black industrial sealed transformer (Power: 18V 10W Height 38MM)
PCB specification: military material double-sided FR4 54 x 118 x 1.6mm
The two independent AC of the transformer pass through the double-bridge rectifier filter circuit to obtain two independent DC power supplies. After two sets of independent LM317 voltage regulators and adjustable circuits, output two independent adjustable voltage regulator power supply. If you need to adjust the dual positive and negative power supply, you need to short circuit the +15V in the middle of the DC output terminal of the circuit board and GND through the reserved short-circuit point behind the circuit board, then you can obtain dual adjustable positive and negative power supply. (PCB has wiring identification)
Package includes:
1 x DC Regulated Power Supply Board Kit

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