DIY Multifunctional LCD1602 SecOhmmeter Capacitance Inductance Frequency Tester Meter Kit


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DIY Multifunctional LCD1602 Secohmmeter Capacitance Inductance Frequency Tester Meter Kit

Various stalls range description:

Inductance measuring range: 0.1μH ~ 1H
Capacitance measuring range: 1pF~ 2.2μF (non-polarized capacitors)
Frequency Range: 20Hz~ 400KHz (small signal can be measured)
Electrolytic capacitor measuring range: 0.5μF~ 12000μF (electrolytic capacitors)

Package included:

1 x PCB Board
4 x 1CM Studs + Screw
1 x 16P Female
1 x 40P Pin Straight
1 x Bent Pin 2-Pin
1 x LCD1602
1 x 103 Blue Potentiometer
1 x DC3-10 Horns Seat
1 x 40P IC Block
1x AT89S52
1 x 8P IC Block
1 x LM393
6vx 8*8 Self-locking Switch
4 x KF301-2P Terminal Blocks
1 x DC005 Seat
1 x LM7805
1 x A09-103 Exclusion
1 x 3296-502 Potentiometer
2 x 22P Ceramic Capacitors
4 x 1N4007
1 x 12M Crystal
3 x 470UF/16V Capacitance
4 x 10UF/25V Capacitance
1 x 3MM LED
1 x 100UH Inductor
2 x 102 Monolithic Capacitors
1 x 105 Monolithic Capacitors
1 x 9014 Triode
1 x 9015 Triode
2 x 10K Resistor
5 x 1K Resistor
3 x 100K Resistor
3 x 2K Resistance error of 1%
1 x 47K Resistor
1 x 5.6K Resistor
1 x 100ohm Resistor