DIY Multifunctional Low Frequency Signal Generator Kit ICL8038 Signal Generator



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This signal generator composed of ICL8038 and high-speed op amp, having the following characteristics:
(1) Single power supply operation(built-in dedicated power management IC): only need +12 to +15V.
Circuit operational amplifier work in dual power state (dual power amplifier do not need to block
the capacitor to ensure the high and low frequency signal distortion)
(2) Can output triangular wave, rectangular wave and sine wave, forward and reverse sawtooth wave.
(3) Frequency adjustment range: 5HZ ~ 400kHz
(4) Duty cycle adjustment range: 2% to 95%
(5) Low distortion sine wave: 1%
(6) Low temperature drift: 50ppm / ℃
(7) Triangular wave output linearity: 0.1%
(8) DC bias adjustable: -7.5V-7.5V
(9) Output amplitude adjustable: 0.1V-11VPP (operating voltage 12V)
(10) With acrylic shell, very beautiful and practical
(11) Size: 88.2*61*18.5mm

Package included:
1 x DIY Multifunctional Low-frequency Signal Generator Kit