DIY WiFi(APP Version) Bluetooth Colorful Canton Tower


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1. Offline animation increased to 20 species, 4 +1 spectrum modes, each animation has been carefully designed and debugged,
the effect is very brilliant.
2. The WiFi module and Bluetooth module after careful PCB design and debugging, straight line transmission distance up to 10-20 meters.
3. Phone Bluetooth connection, available phone with the sound playback music. After using WiFi connection(Find WiFi name:SSY_ESP8266),
you can use the dedicated APP to operate.Just support Android phone.
4. Universal DC power cord power supply, the use of more convenient, 1 meter long power supply cable placed on the desktop.
5. Dimensions: 83x80x580mm

Package included:

1 x DIY WiFi(APP Version) Bluetooth Colorful Canton Tower Kit