Dual Channels 30 Segments Volume UV Table Remote Control DIY Electronic Clock Music Spectrum Kit


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1. Infrared remote control function: standard remote control button control
2. 5 music spectrum patterns: cylindrical spectrum, dotted spectrum, peak spectrum, mirror spectrum, mixed spectrum (mixed spectrum is played randomly for four regular spectrums)
3. Left and right channel recognition: stereo mode
4. Adjust the sensitivity
5. Clock display function: the upper is minute, the lower is hour. The left is ones place, the right is tens place.


1. Operating voltage: 5V (USB power supply)
2. Power supply: mobile phone charger, computer, power bank
3. PCB board material: double-sided 1.6mm, RF-4 board material
4. Shell material: 3mm imported colored material acrylic
5. Fixed mode: screw fixed
6. The quantity of LED: 6
7. Installation: DIY welding assembly
8. Control mode: infrared remote control
9. Dimension: 137mm * 31.5mm * 21mm

1 x DIY Electronic Clock Music Spectrum Kit included:

Package included:

1 x DIY Electronic Kit With Black Acrylic Shell
1 x Remote Control