Elfeland SP-20 100W 18V Folding Portable Solar Panel Photovoltaic Zipper Charge Caravan


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-The Use of the folding design, storage is easy, easy to carry.
-Using Chip SunPower, high conversion rate, to obtain high charging efficiency, long life.
-Suitable for every place can be exposed to sunlight, to achieve high charging efficiency, easy to use, safe, environmentally friendly, energy saving.
-Suitable for a wide range of home appliances, automotive, outdoor camping is a very good choice.
-Includes One-to-two MC4 connector for easy connection.
-It Is a permanent source of external energy to many external applications like campervises, boats, homes and gardens, as well as for planting, lighting, telecommunications or distribution monitoring equipment.
Technical specifications:
Product Name: Solar panels
Black Colour
Size: Appr. 560mmx540mmx2cm / 22 "x21.2" x0.78 "
Power: 100W (50 * 2W)
Pmax: 50W
IPmax: 2.7A
Vpmax: 18V
ISC: 2.95A
VOC: 20V
Operating temperature: -40 ℃ to + 85 ℃
Working Current: 5.3A
Weight: 2500g
Package Included:
1 x 100W Folding (zip) solar panels with a connector to two MC4