Expansion Board Breakout Adapter Board For BBC Micro: bit Development Module


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Model: m: bit Breakout V1
Size: 70 * 32mm
Fixing hole: 3mm
Pitch: 2500 * 1000mil (63.5 * 25.4mm)
Interface: micro: bit gold finger, 2.54mm pin
The breakout board, developed specifically for micro: bit, makes it easy to bring in all the micro: bit interfaces. High quality custom edge connector for reliable connection of your micro: bit. With breakout you can connect all 21 GPIOs to your breadboard for easy experimentation.
Developed for micro: bit breakout expansion board, easy introduction of all the interfaces of micro: bit. High quality custom edge connector, reliable connection to your micro: bit. With breakout, you can connect all 21 GPIO to your breadboard to facilitate experimentation.
Package includes: (the development board, shell, cable and breadboard does not includes)
1 x Expansion Board Breakout Adapter
2 x Not assembled needles

Test, for reference only.