FM 100MHz RF Power Amplifier 5W


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Product Usage:
The broadband RF power amplifier is suitable for use in FM (88–108MHz) emission learning studies. Input 0.1W can output 5.0W @ 7.2V power,
with a very high conversion efficiency, the amplifier is equipped with heat sink, long-term stable operation.

Technical Parameters:
Operating frequency: 88–108MHz
Input power: 0.01W (10dBm)
Maximum output: 2.5W (34dBm) 5.0V power supply
5.0W (37dBm) 7.2V Power Supply
8.0W (39dBm) 10.0V power supply (not recommended)
Operating voltage: 5–7.2V (DC)
Operating current: 1–2A (determined by output power)
RF connector: standard SMA female
Dimensions: 50*50*15mm (length*width*height)
Product weight: 55g (heat sink blackened)

Package included:

1 x FM 100MHz RF Power Amplifier