FT232 USB UART Board FT232R FT232RL To RS232 TTL Serial Module 52 x 17 x 11mm


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Color: blue
Size: 52 x 17 x 11mm
Board Size: 37 x 17mm
Interface Type: Mini USB
Type: FT232R FT232RL to RS232 TTL Serial Module


– On-board FT232RL USB-RS232 interface conversion chip.
– On-board power indicator, status indicator.
– On-board recovery of the fuse to prevent the output current is too large to burn the module.
– On-board USB male, easy to connect to the computer.
– The chip has been the main pin all leads to facilitate the realization of communication with the microcontroller.

Note: Due to the manual measurement, there might be some error.

Package included:

1 x FT232 USB UART board