G8 Aluminum Alloy Mechanical Claw With MG996R Servo/DT-3316 Digital Servo for Smart Robot Car



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The product installation manual for your reference. Please click here.

Specifications about single mechanical gripper:

– Paw material: hard aluminum alloy
– Paw weight: about 120g (without servo)
– Maximum pawl spacing: about 160mm
– Overall length of paw: approx. 112mm (whole longest length when claws are closed)
– Overall width of paw: about 60mm (the overall width when the paw is closed)
– Overall thickness of the paw: approx. 69mm (thickest overall width of the paw)
– Two size about servos (DT-3316 Digital Servo and MG996R Servo) for your choice. 
  Please click Product ID: 1263252 for DT-3316 Digital Servo, and Product ID: 86640 for MG996R Servo to know more info.

About DT-3316 Digital Servo parameters

– Torque (4.8V) 12.0kg/mg
– Torque (6.6V) 15.0kg/mg
– Speed: 0.07 seconds (4.8V) / 0.06 seconds (6.0V)
– Working voltage: 4.8v/6.6v DC voltage
– Weight: 55g
– Bearing type: ball bearing × 2
– Motor type: High-speed magnetic high-speed motor
– Gear type: copper and aluminum
– Working temperature: -20 ℃ -60 ℃
– Working frequency: 500μs / 2500hz
Package Included: (Let's choose the type what you want)

Type #1: 1 x G8 Metal Mechanical Paw (Without Servo)
Type #2: 1 x G8 Metal Mechanical Paw with MG996R Servo
Type #3:  1 x  G8 Metal Mechanical Paw with DT-3316 Digital Servo