Geekcr DIY 32V 4 Channel Jog/Inching And Self-locking + 433MHz Receiver Module + APP Remote Control


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WIFi control model, no need to program. No matter where you are, you only need to download a APP to connect the wifi and control the cloud.


1. With signal instruction light and relay pull-on instruction light
2. Power < 1W, and quiescent current:80mA
3. Cutover current< 10A , Cutover voltage< 250V
4. 10A Relay Model
5. The life of Relay Model is more than 1,000,000
6. Insulation resistance: 100M
7. Maximum pull-on time: 15mS
8. Maximum release time: 5mS
9. Working Temperature: -40 to 70degree
10. Working Humidity: 40% to 80% RH


1. Default inching Function: Press the open relay by mobile phone, then cut off the pull-on imediately(default one second), it has the timing-share function at the same time.
2. Self-locking when press the inching and locking button with the light on.
Press open relay to pull-on, press close relay to cut off.

Receiver Features:

1. Receiver sensitivity: -110dBm;
2. Operating frequency: 315MHz; 433.92MHz; 330MHz; 390MHz; 418MHz
3. Power supply input range: 3.3V-5.5V;
4. Low power cosumption 5.0V@ 433.92MHz, 3.8-4.1mA; 5.0V@ 315MHz, 2.5-2.8mA; Manchester Encoding could last the transmited speed to 2.4K.
5. Pin Description: From left to right ANT, GND, LED, SW, VT, D0, D1, D2, D3, VDD, GND
6. Working temperature range: -30-85 ℃
7. Good local oscillator radiation suppression, receiver module could be worked in groups without any affect.

Remote Control Technical Parameters:

1. Working voltage: 12V23A Battery
2. Operating Current: ≤9mA
3. Oscillation mode: SAW resonators
4. The shock resistance: 4.7M, 3.3M, 330K
5. Operating frequency: 315MHz, 433MHz
6. Modulation: ASK
7. Frequency deviation: ± 150kHz (max)
8. Encoding: welding code, learning code
9. Chip Model: PT2262, PT2264 (fixed code); EV1527.PT2240 (learning code)
10. The transmit power: 15mW

Code Method:

Press and hold the key for 2 seconds short study, learn indicator light at this time that has entered the state of learning; learning key is released, the remote control A key indicator flashes 4 times indicates success in learning, and exit learning mode.

Clear Code Method:

Press and hold learning key indicator lit, hold about 8 seconds after the light is off, all the code has been successfully cleared.


1. Car door remote control switch (RKE);
2. Remote control door opener;
3. Wireless security alarm;
4. Remote curtains;
5. Wireless industrial controller;
6. Wireless data transmission.

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Package Included:

1 x 32V 4CH module
1 x Remote Control
1 x Antenna
1 x Receiver