Geekcreit 1uF-2200uF 375pcs 25 Values Electrolytic Capacitor Assorted Kit Set


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This powerful and useful tool pack can repair for the power supply for the Pansat 9200 High Definition television receiver.
25 Values x 15pcs = 375pcs (1uF~2200uF)

Package included:

15 x 47uF 16V
15 x 100uF 16V
15 x 220uF 16V
15 x 470uF 16V
15 x 1000uF 16V
15 x 10uF 25V
15 x 47uF 25V
15 x 100uF 25V
15 x 220uF 25V
15 x 330uF 25V
15 x 470uF 25V
15 x 1000uF 25V
15 x 2200uF 25V
15 x 1uF 50V
15 x 3.3uF 50V
15 x 4.7uF 50V
15 x 6.8uF 50V
15 x 10uF 50V
15 x 33uF 50V
15 x 47uF 50V
15 x 100uF 50V
15 x 220uF 50V
15 x 330uF 50V
15 x 470uF 50V
15 x 1000uF 50V