Geekcreit DIY Biaxial Spherical Rotating LED Kit Creative POV Soldering Training Kit


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New version of Biaxial Spherical Rotating.
Part of rotary plate are using high-power wireless power supply, rotating noise greatly reduced.
System power supply voltage 12V2A (please use your own power), rotating motherboard using STM8S105K4T6 single-chip control, plug-in 8 Mbit flash storage text, pictures, animation!
Through the host computer software to send text, pictures, animation, calibration time, PC software support Chinese and English input.
Clock chip using DS1302 with backup battery, support the remote control to adjust the time. Remote control switch a variety of display modes, to provide some open source C program, suitable for learning purposes.


This is a DIY kit, you need to have some electronic knowledge and ability. SMD is unsoldered!!
The kit has certain difficulty, please buy according to your own situation.
Don't comes with TTL serial downloader.
Dual axis of each 56 LEDs display.
Motor speed is high, no shell, please be careful to use!
Red light / blue light can be soldered according to personal preferences in the inner and outer ring.
Documents: Click here to open

Hardware parameters (error 2mm):

Acrylic board: 16.2 * 16.2cm
Main control board: 12.5 * 4.8cm
Side panel: 9cm high / 7.5cm high
Finished product reference height: 11cm

Package includes:

1 x DIY Spherical Rotating LED Kit