Geekcreit DIY Black Mirror LED Matrix Desktop Alarm Clock Kit


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This led matrix clock using two black translucent acrylic to fixed up, include the pcb, screw, screw nuts and spacing column are all black.
it looks mystery when it combined together. it is like a Mirror when the power down. The black acrylic can reduce the interference of
external light and that makes you can still read the time clearly even under the strong light. it can shows the temperature, day, date,
birthday and important festival, you can select different kinds of transition animation, Or you can also select the time only mode.
it can also switch the Fahrenheit and Celsius by one button.
Manual is Here!


Highlighted LED Dot Matrix Screen Display.
All DIP Components to Build.
Black Translucent Acrylic Designed.
12/24 hours mode.
One Alarm.
5 kinds of display font optional.
4 kinds of middle point turn effect optional.
5 levels of brightness optional.
Important festival scroll display(like 'Valentine's Day!Merry Christmas' and so on).
Switch the Fahrenheit and Celsius by one button.
Birthday Remind function(shows Happy Birthday when the date is coming).
4 kinds of transition animation select can change the time, temperature, data and week(Or time only mode).
Using real time clock chip,data is not lost when power off with the backup battery(backup battery not include in the kit).
5V USB cable power supply.
Dimensions of the clock: 112mm x 62mm x 18mm.
Color Options: red,green,blue,white.


Long press the Confirm button(Left key) to enter or exit the menu functions list.
Short press the Next key(Right key) to select the different functions, the functions menu has TIME(Time setup), DATE(Date setup),
ALARM(Alarm setup), FONT(Font type), DISP(Set transition animation), Midp(Middle point turn effect), FMT(Set 24/12H format),
BRH(Set the date of birth remind), Brig(Brightness). and then press the Confirm button(Left key) to enter in parameters mode.
Short press the Next button(Right key)When shows the Temperature it can switch the Fahrenheit and Celsius format.


1. Alarm setup: ON-turn on the time alarm and enter the parameters mode;OFF-turn off the time alarm;
2. Font Type: Type:1-5;
3. Set display animation effect: 1-Scroll left mode; 2-Sweep mode3-Single Fall Down mode4-Flip mode5- Time only;
4. Middle point turn effect: 1-Converge Middle mode; 2-Up and Down Miss mode; 3-Up and Down Move mode; 4-Lit Per Second mode;
5. Time format: 24H-24h time format; 12H-12h time format;
6. Set the date of birth remind: ON-turn on the birth remind and enter the parameters mode; OFF-turn off the birth remind;
7. Brightness of tubes: level:1-5; 

Package included:

1 x DIY Black Mirror LED Matrix Desktop Alarm Clock Kit