Geekcreit DIY LED Light Cube Canton Tower Suite Wireless Remote Control Electronic Kit


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Canton Tower is 610m tall, the first tallest tower in China, Now It have a DIY kit here.This Canton Tower Kit can dance to the music, using wireless remote control 20 kinds of animation.

Name: Guangzhou Tower Kit or  Canton Tower Kit(wireless version)
Operating voltage: 5V USB
Dimensions: 78mm x  78mm x 450mm

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1. 16 x 16 (lattice) stars light design
2. A variety of patterns can be freely converted:
   (1) cylindrical mode  (2) with a columnar peak hold mode
   (3) lap mode               (4) lap band peak hold mode etc.
3. Get a learning process (including 10 kinds of animation and one audio), you can also diy one of their own waistline
4. STC12C5A60S2 MCU control, high-speed stability, easy to use
5. Using the remote control transfer mode
7. The offline animation speed adjustable
8. Remote control to enter debug mode, you create a successful escort
9. The bottom four sides using four colorful LED

Package included:

1 x DIY LED Electronic Kit