Geekcreit DIY Mini Star Flashing LED Cylinder Kit With 23 Flashing Mode


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This is an easy make four-layer round led dimensional cylinder kit, it's all use DIP components.
It has more than 20 kinds of special led gradient effect. Some kinds of the effect is star-flashing and lightning effect,
it also has many spin move effect and led breathing effect. All of the effects is gradual change light up instead of directly light up,
that makes the led animation looks more gentle. you can hang it up on the christmas tree to simulate the star flashing effect.
Soldering grids of each led layer greehand would look terrible. It has a dual use round acrylic that can as a template to hold the led in place,
that help you to solder each layer of the led grids more accurate and the same level. On the other hand it also use as a case to reinforce the bottom.
This acrylic template is important for quality soldering, it makes the led cylinder easier and more precise. 
How to assemble it, click here!


Using 32 Milky 5mm Highlighted Long Pin LED Display
23 Kind of LED Gradient Effect to Simulate the Star-Flashing or Lightning and other 3D LED circle Effect
Each Animation has so many Random function
Alll using DIP components to build,suitable for beginners
Blue Round PCB
Acrylic Template to help aligning the led grids to solder
Switch Button to Switch the next effect
Reinforce the Bottom by the Dual Use Round Acrylic
Double Power Supply Option: Micro USB cable or Wire Connect
Use Micro USB Cable to Connect a computer or phone charger to Supply it with the 5V
Different color option: blue, white, yellow,green
Dimensions: 43mm x 43mm x 105mm
1. Use micro usb cable or power wire to supply 5V power;
2. Toggle the switch button to switch the next animation effect.
Package included:
1 x DIY Mini Star Flashing LED Cylinder Kit