Geekcreit DIY T300 NodeMCU Aluminum Alloy Metal Tank Track Caterpillar Chassis Smart Robot Kit


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Some useful download links:(Please click to download)
User manual: here 

Motor DataSheet for Tank/Car Chassis: here

Chassis Installation: here

Software manumal: here
Android App: here
iOS App: here
FirmWare: here
Motor shield: here
NodeMCU: here


This tank/car chassis is assembled by ESP8266 WiFi module, Based on which, doit company has already designed and developed the mobile phone App with Android and iOS version. By the Apps, the tank/car chassis can finish some basic functions, such as, forward, left & right, back, and return. Doit company provides the richful documents, including the source code, which can let many developers, lovers, and students to DIY the wanted functions. More details, please see the "download" menu.


1) Reserve the space for 9g, MM95, MM96R gear;
2) Reserve for the intallation holes for UNO R3 and NodeMCU development board kit;
3) Reserve the space for robotic manipulator;
4) Design the LED light for the dark moving and brighten the light;
5) Add the 25mm and 37mm motor frame, can change the 4WD smart car; 
6) All the chassis are metal, excluding the track (plastic).
7) The chassis can bearing the weight is about below 5kg; we test the 2.3kg;
8) The bearing wheelpiece is connected by the stainless steel and two bearings, which can let the bearing wheel is rotate freely with small frictions.

Product Specifications

Name: T300 Intelligent track car
Material: aluminum alloy
Wheel: metal
Track: plastic
Product size: about 290 x 270 x 100mm (length  x  width x height)
Color: golden /silver(optional)

Motor Parameter:
 Name: 25mm gear motor
 Output speed: 150±10%rpm
 No_load current: 200mA (Max)
 Stall current: 4500mA(max)
 Stall torque: 9.5kgNaN
 Rated speed: 100±10%rpm
 Rated torque: 3000gNaN
 Rated current: 1200mA (Max)
 Noise :56dB
 Working voltage: 9V
 Outside Shaft Length: 14.5mm
 Shaft End Play: 0.05-0.50mm
 Screw Size: M3.0
 Dia. Of Shaft phi 4mm, D3.5
 Encoder: 2pulses
 Working voltage for sensor: 3-5V

Package included:

1 x Chassis
2 x Wheels
10 x Bearing wheel
2 x Track
2 x DC Motors
Several Screw
1 set NodeMCU development board kit