Geekcreit DIY Touch Control RGB Full Color 5MM LED Triangular Pyramid Kit


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This kit all using DIP components to build,even the beginner is easy to solder.The overall three-layer is using 5mm full-color LED (array into triangular pyramid shape.)That makes it looks more beauty.the bottom use the acrylic to also have the Touch Key to switch modes.There are 23 different modes that you can change it by the Touch Key.By the way,you can use two of them to combinations together that makes the effect looks more amazing.
1, Using through-hole DIP components that even the beginner is easy to build.
2, Touch Key input replace the physical keys to prevent the long-term press damage.
3, Use 28Pcs of full-color RGB 5MM high brightness LED that makes the better color effect.
4, There are a total of 23 modes,each of which is different.
5, Use the acrylic to reinforce the bottom.
6, Can connect with USB cable for 5V power supply, convenient for use.
7, PCB size:7.7cm*6.6cm
Manual:Click here!

Modes List:
1. Outward diffusion gradient Aurora LED mode;
2. Clockwise change color of water droplets tailing effect (From head to tail of each LED brightness varies);
3. Anticlockwise water droplets tailing;
4. Layer by layer fade gradually eliminate change color;
5. Each circle LED full-color gradient;
6. Random LED color lightning mode;
7. Random 4 LEDs alternately breathing transformation;
8. "Y" pattern rotation (like the English letter Y);
9. Random layer and color breathing mode;
10. Three circles LED full-color gradient;
11. Clockwise color effect  water droplets tailing;
12. Internal and external diffusion LED Aurora gradient mode;
13. Rainbow gradient mode;
14. Random a LED color breathing mode;
15. A variety of all LEDs breathing mode;
16. Constantly changing color of long water droplets tailing;
17. Random color and random LED lights up totally and then all random off;
18. Random four colors for breathing effects;
19. Random LED and random color lighting off mode;
20. All LED full-color gradient mode;
21. Random color of 7 LEDs get brighter gradually and then light off gradually;
22. Random two color for water droplets tailing of the begin and the end;
23. Random 4 LEDs breathing for "stars" effect.

Package included:
1 x DIY Touch Control RGB Full Color 5MM LED Triangular Pyramid Kit