Geekcreit US Plug 110V DIY LM317 Adjustable Voltage Power Supply Module Kit


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One way adjustable signal generator output. Convenient to provide the pulse signal
With a logical pen function. For convenient the logic level of test circuit
With one way buzzer. You can test the wires on and off (connect the wires to the power positive and signal input, the wire on – the buzzer sound). You can also test the low-frequency signal (input the signal from the signal input, if there is a signal, the buzzer sound)


Power: 2W, 200ma
Voltage: AC 110V (update in 2015-03-11)
Plug: US plug
Output voltage: DC 1.25V – 12V regulated output continuously adjustable.
PCB board size: 7.3 x 6.8cm (W / L)
Shell Size: 11 X 6.9 X 41.5cm (L / W / H)
Weight: about 295g

Package included:

1 x DIY LM317 Kit