GY-6A 12V 24V 36V 48V Lead Acid Battery 2-15S Lithium Battery Capacity Indicator Digital Voltmeter


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Suitable for the following batteries:

Lead acid: 12V 24V 36V 48V
Lithium battery: 2 strings, 3 strings, 4 strings, 5 strings, 6 strings, 7 strings….13 strings, 14 strings, 15 strings

This product uses LCD display, the LCD capacity consumption is 70% lower than the conventional digital tube, and the display is clear.
Ultra wide voltage input, 63V high voltage input still can work smoothly.

Voltage range: 6-63V
Current: 3-4mA
Size: 63 x 25 mm

Setting steps:

1. Disconnect the power display power. When the key is placed, when the power is connected, the key will be released and the interface will be set up, and the current setting parameters will be displayed.

2. Short press set key to select the battery specification: P/L/F (P=12V lead acid, L=3.7V lithium battery, F=3.2V phosphate iron lithium battery);

3. Set the number of battery strings by short function keys. The function keys and setting keys can select the battery series up or down.

4. After the setup is completed, the power is reset automatically, and the data can be saved automatically.

Package included:

1 x LCD capacity meter