H206 Photoelectric Counter Counting Sensor Module Motor Speed Board


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The speed sensor is a wide voltage, high resolution, short response speed, digital output speed module, with a black code can measure the motor speed.
Working voltage: DC 4.5-5.5V
Drop pressure drop: Vf = 1.6V
Launch tube current: If <20mA
Signal output: single channel; TTL level
Resolution accuracy: 0.01mm
Long size: 2.6mm x 2.2mm
The main components: LM393, on the radio infrared measurement frequency: 5KHz
Photoelectric slot width: 6MM
Interface definition:
VCC: Power supply positive
GND: Power supply negative
OUT: Signal output, can be directly connected to the microcontroller, standby output low level; detected something, output high level, while the indicator light off.
Package includes:
1 x Speed Code Sensor
1 x Grid Plate
1 x Cable