HCS301 433MHz Rolling Code Remote Controller Wireless Power Supply Relay Receiver


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Operating voltage: DC12V
Operating frequency: 433MHz
Maximum load: 10A
Receiver sensitivity: -100dB
Encoding type: Rolling Code
Work: Jog, interlock, self-locking (with hooded optional.)
Output mode: four sets of switching signals
Remote distance: 20-100 meters


1. The remote control switch for the rolling code remote control switch, confidentiality is absolutely reliable, to prevent the decoder on the market crack, such as self-locking function, the jump cap inserted row pin on the line. If you want to interlock function, the jump cap inserted into row of needle on the line. If you want to unlock the function, the jump cap is not inserted on the line. Easy to use, easy to operate.
2. With a buzzer instructions to facilitate the determination of the switch working status
3. Use learning key function, such as remote control is lost, and I can roll the remote control and then learn.
Four sets of relay output empty contacts, can be connected to 4000W load.


Interlock type (L): 4-way relay switch between each other work, when the A relay and lock, BCD are corresponding to the relay disconnect, when B work and locked, the corresponding ACD relay disconnected, that is, 4 road, only one way is connected,
Non-latching type (M): Jog type, press the A key of the remote device, A relay pull, hold down the B key, B relay pull, C, D work is the same.
Self-locking type (T): 4-way single-open single-off, you can also work all four, do not affect each other, press the A key, A relay work and lock, and then click to disconnect, Key on the B relay work, and then click will be disconnected, do not affect each other, 4 can be a single open single. Do four real remote control switch, respectively, can control four household appliances and other electrical appliances.

Remote control learning:

1. Find the code in the garage to receive the motor (usually on the host shell or host circuit board) by the host remote control learning button, learning indicator light.
2. From the motor about 0.5-1 meters position, according to the remote control on any 2-4, the code light flashing fast, and so flashing learning light goes out, then press the remote control button, the remote control learning success.
3. Remote control learning to clear: press the remote control on the host learning button for 10 seconds, learning light does not shine is successful.

Package includes:

4 x HCS301 433MHz Rolling code remote control
1 x Receiver