HiFi LM3886 TF Mono 68W 4 Audio Power Amplifier Board AMP 50W/38W 8


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LM3886 is a mono audio power amplifier chip, using an 11-foot TO-220 package, the back of the "TF" suffix is ​​fully insulated package meant. 
And compared to LM1875T, LM3886 is more powerful, at the rated working voltage up to 68W continuous average power without distortion, also has a relatively perfect over-voltage over-current overheating protection function, in addition it has a current anti switch automatically when shock function, the speaker may be possible to avoid current surge when the amplifier power is turned on causing injury.
LM3886 performance parameters:
VCC = ± 28V OUTPUT = 68W / 4Ω, 38W / 8Ω
VCC = ± 35V OUTPUT = 50W / 8Ω
Peak power: 135W
SNR: ≥92db
Conversion rate: 19V / us
Intermodulation distortion: 0.04%
Mute function
SPiKeTM protection
The amplifier board has the following characteristics:
1. Using double-sided alignment, careful layout, signal input portion away from the output section.
2. Part of the coupling capacitors for longer minimum pad 5mm, the maximum suitable for the capacitor of 25mm.
3. The input section added high pass circuit, making the board more stable!
4. The output part RL circuit (inductance and resistance in parallel) effective protection chip, effectively preventing the induced electromotive force shutdown speaker damage to the chip!
5. The board use a DC power supply, voltage range: ±16 to ±36, recommented ±32V.
6. PCB size: 74 x 50 x 1.6mm
Installation note:
1. The amplifier board can not be directly connected to a transformer output connected to the power supply board first, and then to the power supply part of the board from the power board output, pay attention to positive and negative level not be wrong!
2. The plate use DC power supply, speaker output impedance smaller current increases, the greater the heat, it is recommended when the speaker is 4Ω, the voltage suggested the use of ± 28V (transformer dual 21V), the speaker of 8Ω voltage ± 32V (transformer dual 24V), the highest possible ± 35V (transformer dual 28V), but pay attention to the local grid voltage is stable, it is recommended not to use.
3. When the power test, the signal input on the board to take the load, can not be vacant, otherwise there will be induction noise, the signal line to make use of shielded cable.
4. Be sure that the board chassis of the housing is connected to the input ground, backward input GND do not need to connect the housing.
5. The board is Mono channel, stereo need 2 piece, you can also assemble multichannel accocding to your own needs.
Package include:
1 x  HiFi LM3886 TF Stereo Amplifier AMP Assembled Board