Hood 1969 Class A LT1083+5200 Power Amplifier Board With 1083 Regulated Amp Board


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Product Details:
Use LT1083 precision high-current regulator output, the output voltage is more stable , current largest 7A
Toshiba original 5200 large tube output, more powerful power
40V 2200U Siemens filter capacitor
PCB size: 62mmx129mm
Toshiba tube and 1969 perfect combination, the output power greater! Symmetrical design, beautiful appearance, the use of Fairchild original TIP41 sound the most positive, filtering and output are selected German original Siemens capacitance!
Transformer voltage range: AC12V to AC28V 2 lines, more than 50W is recommended
Toshiba tube 2SC5200 output! This tube power up to 150W maximum, allowing 1969 output 20W Class A
Panasonic filter capacitor and the output of Siemens capacitors used to dismantle parts, other is new and original
Package included:
1 x 1969 amplifier board