KS25 Sound Control LED Music Spectrum Dream Crystal Column Light Cube Electronic DIY VU Tower Kit


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1, Using 25 segments of the column design.
2, Using 1T single-chip, high-speed acquisition of signals, accurate response
3, KS25 increase the voice function, you can set to open and close with keys, use with MIC independent module, reducing the difficulty of DIY
4, KS25 with 10 level drop speed adjustment function
5, With 8 kinds of classic mode, key control, with power-down memory
6, 7 level gain settings, the signal can be enlarged or reduced, long press the button to set
7, With left channel, right channel, MIC mode 3 kinds of collection methods, through the key setting
8, Use of fog frosted LED, the color is not dazzling soft
9, With red, yellow, green, blue, orange and pink color, many experiments to determine the combination of six colors, excessive natural
10, Use of white PCB design, white light has a good reflection, can make the overall color more uniform and bright
KS25 has 8 kinds of classic display mode, with memory function:
Mode 1: Columnar mode
Mode 2: Cylindrical peak hold mode
Mode 3: Cylindrical peak, peak up mode
Mode 4: Mirror mode, middle to both sides
Mode 5: Single point mode
Mode 6: Peak up mode
Mode 7: Single peak mode
Mode 8: Mute all-bright mode (can be used to test the LED)
Key operation and instructions:
A: Short press: mode adjustment
B: Long press 1 second: 1-10 level speed adjustment, the top of the corresponding LED will display (the default value is 4, the more 1-10 light, the slower the speed)
C: Long press 3 second: 7 level gain adjustment, there is a corresponding display at the bottom of the adjustment (default 4)
D: Long press 6 second): channel and voice conversion, pink LED light — left channel (pink L); red LED light — right channel (orange R); orange LED light — voice activated (voice activated, the line input is automatically closed)
1. The kit has been programmed before shipment, the purchase of this product does not provide the source code and circuit diagrams and other technical information.
2. When soldering the chip, please pay attention to the direction.
3. Please note that the positive and negative of LED, LED long feet for the "+", PCB board is also marked, LED screen printing gap for the negative.
4. This kit is equipped with plexiglass plate screws that require patience, this product is made of M4 stainless steel nuts, adjustable nut spacing to make plexiglass and LED counterparts.
5. If you are a novice, please do not use solder paste, because the solder paste conductive, it is difficult to clean, residual leakage can cause the single chip to not work or even damage, this phenomenon can not be repaired. Please use the conventional method – electric soldering iron with solder wire method.
Package includes:
1 x DIY LED Music Spectrum Kit (Need soldering)