L298N DC Stepper Motor Driver Shield Dual H Bridge Controller Module For Arduino


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Instruction: https://img.staticbg.com/file/products/20170816005843SKU596933-L298N-Motor-Shield.docx


Adopts High – power motor specific driver chip L298N,Can directly drive the DC motor, two-phase, four-phase stepper motor, drive current up to 2A, the motor output using 8 high-speed Schottky diode as a protection
Circuit wiring is reasonable, are used to paste the chip, this design can be directly connected to Arduino for using, reducing the difficulty of user to use and driving the the motor.
Light weight, small dimension
Compatible for Arduino


1. Model: L298N
2. Size: 7cm*5.5cm*3cm
3. Logic part input voltage VD: 5V
4. Drive part of the input voltage VS: VIN input 6.5 ~ 12V
5. Logic part of the working current Iss: <36mA
6. Drive part of the operating current Io: <2A
7. Maximum dissipation power: 25W (T = 75 ℃)
8. Control signal input level: high level 2.3V <5V, low level -0.3V <1.5V
9. Working temperature: -25 + 130 ℃
10. Drive form: two high-power H-bridge drive clear mark

Package includes:

1 x L298N Motor Shield module for Arduino