L7812 LM7812 Three Terminal Voltage Regulator Module 12V Voltage Regulator Module


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Function Description:
1) 3A rectifier bridge (AC, DC input can be entered)
2) 2 * 35V 220UF high-voltage capacitor (do buffer filtering)
3) High-quality heat (supporting fins to enhance heat dissipation)
4) 1.5A high current chip
This board uses full-wave bridge rectifier, AC or DC can be entered, and the input regardless of positive and negative electrodes. Filtering using two large-capacity electrolytic capacitor 35V 220UF do buffer filtering enables smooth and stable output current. L7812 is equipped with a heat sink, and 3A rectifier bridge, can meet high-current output.
DIY power supply, monitor power supply, test power, camera power supply, automotive power, communications equipment supply.
Other parameters:
Module size: 43*20*22mm
Input voltage (pressure): DC15 ~ 24V, AC12 ~ 18V
Output characteristics:
Load Regulation: 100mV
Quiescent Current: 8mA
Output noise voltage: 42uV
Input and output pressure: 2V
Output Impedance: 15mΩ
Peak Current: 1.5A

Package included:

1 x L7812 LM7812 Three-terminal Voltage Regulator Module