LTC3780 DC 5V-32V To 1V-30V 10A Adjustable Automatic Step Down Regulator Module


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Model: LTC3780
Input voltage: DC 5V~32V
                      (Recommended to use voltage over 10V)
Output voltage: DC 1V~30V continuously adjustable
                         (default 12V shipment)
Output current: 10 A (MAX) ,long term within 7 A
                         (default 4A)
Output power: 80 W, Peak 130 W
                       (more than 80W please strengthen heat dissipation)
Output ripple: 50 mV (12V turn to 12V, 5A measured)
Short circuit protection:Yes
Input reverse connection protection: No
Output prevent reverse connection protection: No
Operating temperature range: -45℃ ~ +85 ℃
Size(L*W*H): 77.6 x 46.5 x 15 mm


1.Constant voltage, constant current, under voltage protection.
2.The input uses replaceable fuse to protect power supply and equipment.
3.Inductor use iron silicon aluminum, 0.8 double winding, generate less heat.
4.The output has error indicating lamp,it will light when the output voltage drift too serious,short circuit and other fault.
5.The whole electrolysis use patch, low resistance, high frequency capacitor,to make the ripple down to the freezing point.

Package included:

1 x Step Down Module