Mini Programmable Smart Robot Kit For Arduino Scratch 3.0 Support Python Program







1. Support KittenBlock programming (based on Scratch3.0, can compile Arduino and Python code offline).
2. patrol car built-in PID algorithm, use the 5-way IR line inspection module
3. Onboard passive buzzer
4. Onboard 18650 battery charging circuit, two RGB full-color lights on the bottom
5. With patrol mode and obstacle avoidance mode function
6. Graphical programming, exercise logical thinking
7. Support Android, ios two systems, mobile programming, play more comfortable

**KittenBot APP Download:  IOS App  and Android APP 


– Product: Scratch programming mini patrol robot smart car
– For the crowd: beginners
– Product Size: about (L*W*H)11cm*10cm*3.5cm
– Chassis diameter is about 10cm

* The battery shown in the picture is just for reference.

Package Included:

1 x Scratch programming mini patrol robot smart car DIY kit ( without battery)