MPPT Solar Panel Controller 5A DC-DC Step Down CC/CV Charging Module Display LED


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MPPT Solar Panel Controller 5A DC-DC Step-down CC/CV Charging Module Display LED


Module Properties: Non-isolated buck module (BUCK)
Input voltage: 6~36 V
Output voltage:1.25~32 V continuously adjustable (the default output 5V)
MPPT voltage setting range: 6~36 V
Output current range: 0.05~5A (The default output current is 3A)
Turn lights output range: 0.01~5A (default turn lamp current 0.3A)
   (the current range will be a little difference because the parts parameter error)
Operating temperature: -40 ~ +85 degree
Operating frequency: 180 KHz
Conversion efficiency: up to 95% (efficiency, input & output voltage, current and pressure-related)
Short circuit protection: Yes
Over temperature protection: Yes (automatically shut off the output after overtemperature)
Input reverse polarity protection: None, (if necessary, please add the string into the diode)
Output anti-anti-irrigation protection: None, the output must be connected to the battery plus blocking diode, otherwise it will burn the module.
Installation: 4 Pcs 3mm screws
Connection: IN is the input, OUT is output
Multifunction double display: input voltage, output voltage, output current, output power
Charging indicator: charging red, bright green when fully charged. Turn lamp is the output current detection.
Module dimensions:60 x 31 x 22 mm(without meter)


1. It can support high-power LED.
2. It can power supply for electronic devices.
3. For a variety of battery charge, can observe the state of charge.
4. As a car power supply , it can for your cell phone or digital products supply.
5. DIY a voltage Regulator, with constant current function, Short-circuit proof, can protect the load.
6. Charger for all kinds of batteries, with MPPT function, can enhance the charging current to double. With a constant current and prevents battery overcharge, effective
    protection of the battery.


The module's current detection is low-end detection. Please do not short the input negative and output negative directly with wire.

Package included:

1 x Step-down Module