Original Hiland DIY M8 LC Tester Digital Inductance Capacitance Meter Kit


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Inductance measuring range: 0.1μH-2H
Capacitance measurement range: 1pF-2.5μF
Electrolytic capacitor measuring range: 0.1μF-30000μF

How to use:
Plugging in an external power supply (recommended 9V or 12V) that is switched into calibration status (in this case measuring terminal can not access devices); display SET OK After calibration is complete, then press the button to switch to a different measurement, C & L-COM small measure capacitance and inductance, COM-CE measuring electrolytic capacitors, the measured value is displayed directly on the screen.

Package included:

1 x DIY M8 LC Digital Inductance Capacitance Meter Kit  (the 3 pin connector does not includes)