Original Hiland DIY USB Boost Single Turn Dual Power Linear Regulators Multiple Output Power Module Kit


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Circuit performance:
This circuit is a wide range by a single power supply input (5-24V, such as the output current is small, use 3.7V lithium batteries as input, can also provide normal output, Converted to multiple positive and negative regulated output converter, Most electronic required to meet the test, Single wide range input voltage, you can access USB, the input with limiting protection. 
Input voltage: 5-24V DC
Output voltage: + 12V, -12V, + 5V, -5V , +3.3V.
Output current: 300mA (per channel)

Can be use in 958215

For now, this product Does not provide circuit diagrams and installation instructions, just install correctly in accordance with the PCB screen printing, you can work without debugging : >>>> https://forum.banggood.com/forum-topic-123630.html <<<<


1. according to the output power requirements, select a sufficient output current of the input power, or it may not start. Output power = output voltage from various quarters * total output current, input power should be at least> Output power /0.9. For example, a standard power supply 5V, 1A, and to supply the unit, it can provide up to about 4.5W of output power.
2. The machine total output power should not exceed 10W, can provide short-term high current single output, but this time be sure to pay attention to the heat sink temperature, not too high so as not to damage the IC. If you do not have experience, please control the output current of each channel to less than 0.2A is appropriate. Excessively large output current may cause damage to the IC overheat
3. Each output of the IC have protection, but when used to avoid a short circuit, all output wiring connections should be completed and then turn on the power

Package included:

1 x DIY USB Boost Single Turn Dual Power Module Linear Regulators Multiple Output Power Kit