PAM8610 Two Channel 2x15W Digital Power Amplifier Board


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This product is using 12V voltage digital power amplifier board, using XH-M181 double channel power amplifier board production.
Thanks to the chip type we use, PAM8610, our product is the smallest and thinnest 15W * 2 dual-channel digital power amplifier in AE.
The power amplifier board is designed by the official standard circuit, the chip selection is based on the original imports of American PAM class D power amplifier chip, with ultra-high efficiency, super power.
In the case of 12V power supply can output 10W of power, the chip does not need heat sink, but also has the protection function of overheating, overcurrent and so on.
Our output part adopts LC low-pass filter circuit, which effectively suppresses the high frequency noise on the signal line, greatly enhances the anti-interference ability of the circuit, and some interference sources (such as mobile phone, etc.) near the use of the power amplifier board will not have any interference.You can use it satisfactorily.
Package includes:
1 x Power Amplifier Board