Programmable Smart Temperature Control Fan and Power Expansion Board For Raspberry Pi


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1. Width voltage input: 6V~14V' With power switch
2. Output: DC 5V 4A with two channel outputs:
 * OUT1 for  external device such as servo, motor, robots, mechanical arm, intelligent card etc. (output interface: HT3.96);Max current is 2A, and can be programmed via GPIO programing to control the output of power supply; please refer to SAMPLE CODE 1;
 * OUT2 (GPIO output for raspberry pi);Max current is up to 4A if the OUT1 be closed; CAN'T be programming control, it will be output to raspberry pi directly if the switch be turned on;
3. Built-in temperature sensor, with active cooling fan, you can control flexibly the ON/OFF of mini fan via I2C command and GPIO programming, please refer to SAMPLE CODE 2;;
Temperature range and accuracy:
-25 ℃ ~ + 100 ℃ when the ± 2 ℃
-55 ℃ ~ +125 ℃ when the ± 3 ℃
4. Cooling Fan can be replaced, please refer to FAN SPECIFICATIONS;
5. Standard HAT size.

Fan specifications:

– Side length is 30mm;
– Thickness is 7mm;
– Parameters: Voltage 5V, current 0.15A, speed 1OOOOR.P.M, noise 25dB, air volume 2.95CFM


The Raspberry Pi main board is not included.

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Packing Included:

1 x Board
1 x Mini fan (with install screws)
1 x HT3.96-2P Male head