Programming Multi-footed Beast Smart Robot Kit with Micro: Bit & Robot: Bit Board for Teens


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The micro: bit multi-footed beast is a DIY multi-joint robot designed with a micro: bit and a robot: bit expansion board.
This allows teens to creatively program through a simple graphical development environment. Learning in entertainment and thinking in entertainment are most helpful to the development of young people’s creativity and thinking skills.
You can also do more DIY expansion: a humanoid robot or drawing robot


1. Suit for Micro: bit Silicone Case (Product ID: 1281838), you can DIY with micro: bit silicone case.
2. The product comes with the micro: bit development board and robot: bit expansion board. it can help you to 
3. Supports Microsoft's make code online platform programming, can also install the make code offline package provided by Kittenbot.


**About the micro: bit development board, if you want to know more info, please click here.
** If you want to know more info about the Robot: bit expansion board, you can click (→) here to refer.

About the product parameter:

Product Name: micro:bit multi-footed beast
Product weight: about 262.6g
Product assmbly size: about 22.5cm*16cm*18cm

The mounting screw for TT motor: M3
TT motor: 3-6v

Package List:

1 set Multi-legged parts
1 set Drive 3D print – Bracket 
1 x Micro:bit
1 x Robotbit
2 x TT motor
4 x Lego plug
1 x Phillips screwdriver
TT motor mounting screw M3 x 25
Self-tapping screw Phillips headband pad M2.3×8 x 14