PWM DC Motor Speed Switch Controller Control Reversible Regulator


Description :

PWM DC Motor Speed Switch Controller 10V 12V 24V Control Reversible Regulator

High efficiency, high torque, low heat generating
Control the speed of a DC motor with this controller
With reverse polarity protection, high current protection

Specifications :

Material : Plastic, metal
Input : 10V-30V
Output : Max 120W (When more than 24V)
PWM range : 5%-95%
Frequency : 500Hz
Current : Max 4A (Recommend you to use in 3A)

Operating Instruction :

1. Connect it to the power, ensure the positive inversion switch located in the middle of the zero, and connected with a DC power supply  (the DC supply voltage range is more than 6V and less than 30V). Warning: do not reverse the positive and negative terminals of DC power source, otherwise regulator may be damaged.
2. Connect it to the motor, the motor line can be positive or negative, when the running direction is not consistent with the expectative one, you can adjust the sequence of lines or switch position to change the direction.
3. Adjust the switch. Positive inversion switch is used to control the motor speed direction. When the switch is located on the zero position, the motor stops rotating.
4.Adjust the potentiometer knob. Adjusting potentiometer knob can change output duty ratio of the regulator, then motor speed change.

Package included :

1 x DC Motor Speed Controller

Details pictures :