Red/Black/Blue Aluminum Chassis for DIY Arduino Smart Robot


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– Just add on the microcontroller, motors, drivers, and sensors, and your robot is ready to go within an hour.
– The anodized aluminum material, strong and does not fade
– Symmetric octagon distinguishes other metal chassis, unique, allows you to add multiple sensors on each side
– Multiple sizes of mounting holes and slots for more expansion (4.8mm LEGO Technic, M2.5, M3)
– Easy to adjust,  can drill and cut aluminum
– Compatible with stepper motors, micro DC motors, 25mm Metal DC motors, 9g servo motors.
– Supports various wheels such as track, casters, rubber wheels and omniwheels. Can be used to build a 2-wheel or 4-wheel robot


Material: Aluminum
Color: Red/Black/Blue
Suitable: DIY Arduino Smart Robot
Total measurement: about 142*148mm

Package Included:

1 x Red/Black/Blue Aluminum Chassis