Reduction Gear Box Switch to Car Handmade DIY Toys Assemble Materials Package Model No.81



Name: Steering box to the car No. 81
Size: 200 * 135 * 70mm
Remote control: Yes
Material: ABS plastic
Type: Assemble DIY
Features: Freescale structure, flexible steering
Uses: Hand-made technology products, toys, development of hands-on ability
May need to use glue, please prepare glue

Note: This is a DIY kit, you need to have some electronic knowledge and manual ability. (Package does not include EN instructions.)

Package includes:

1 x Clear 130 1: 94 D axis 130 mm (with male) gear box
1 x Clear 130 1: 143 D axis 55 mm (with male) gear box
4 x Inner diameter 3.175 mm 1401 fixing plate
2 x 1204 mounting bracket
6 x Inside diameter 3 mm 1402 D hole
4 x MXL gear 96T
4 x Rubber tires 70x12mm
2 x 55 x 3 mm D-axis
1 x Allen wrench
8 x Wheel retaining ring 3.1 mm
1 x Four-way remote control (with red male and female head)
1 x AA No-cover battery holder (battery not included)
1 x AA battery holder with cover (battery not included)
1 x Gear box to steering car 80 chassis
1 x Gearbox turns to the car 80 to the chassis
Some M4 / M3 screws and nuts