RF-01 DIY Wireless Microphone Parts 5mA 70MHz FM Transmitter Production Kit With Antenna


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The transmitter frequency of the lowest 70MHz.
Adjust L1 to adjust the firing frequency.
When you have finished soldering, you can use do a little adjustment to receive the ordinary radio.
This is a DIY kit, you need to assembly it.
Manual: Click here to open


Due to the circuit of this kit is simple, the emission frequency is greatly affected by the environment, touch or close to the circuit board, antenna or shell may lead to changes in the frequency of transmission, it can be used as a model of the launch model, not recommended for industrial or commercial use.


Package name: FM Transmitter
Kit Model: RF-01
Operating voltage: 1.5V (AAA battery *2) or DC3-6V (battery does not includes)
Operating current: 5mA (3V) – 10mA (6V)
Frequency range: 70MHz
Launch distance: 5-30 meters (Affected by the level of production and the use of the environment)
Antenna length: 200mm soft wire
Sensitivity: 1 meter range of speech can be received
Battery box: Yes
PCB size: 49 * 13mm
Dimensions: 55 * 35 * 15mm
Package weight: 18g

Package includes:

1 x FM Transmitter Production Kit

Soldered PCB, for reference only!